Sudden Cardiac Arrest during sports is rare in elderly @ יואל קסלר
Sudden Cardiac Arrest during sports is rare in elderly @ יואל קסלר

In this post: Sudden Cardiac Arrest during sports is rare in elderly @ יואל קסלר we reprint data from a recent article in the Journal JACC titled " Sudden Cardiac Arrest During Sports Activity in Older Adults by Lauri Holmstrom et. al.

The link to the original online publication can be found here.

A copy of the article synopsis is below:


Sports activity among older adults is rising, but there is a lack of community-based data on sports-related sudden cardiac arrest (SrSCA) in the elderly.


In this study, the authors investigated the prevalence and characteristics of SrSCA among subjects ≥65 years of age in a large U.S. population.


All out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) were prospectively ascertained in the Portland, Oregon, USA, metro area (2002-2017), and Ventura County, California, USA (2015-2021) (catchment population ∼1.85 million). Detailed information was obtained for SCA warning symptoms, circumstances, and lifetime clinical history. Subjects with SCA during or within 1 hour of cessation of sports activity were categorized as SrSCA.


Of 4,078 SCAs among subjects ≥65 years of age, 77 were SrSCA (1.9%; 91% men). The crude annual SrSCA incidence among age ≥65 years was 3.29/100,000 in Portland and 2.10/100,000 in Ventura. The most common associated activities were cycling, gym activity, and running. SrSCA cases had lower burden of cardiovascular risk factors (P = 0.03) as well as comorbidities (P < 0.005) compared with non-SrSCA. Based on conservative estimates of community residents ≥65 years of age who participate in sports activity, the SrSCA incidence was 28.9/100,000 sport participation years and 18.4/100,000 sport participation years in Portland and Ventura, respectively. Crude survival to hospital discharge rate was higher in SrSCA, but the difference was nonsignificant after adjustment for confounding factors.


Among free-living community residents age ≥65 years, SrSCA is uncommon, predominantly occurs in men, and is associated with lower disease burden than non-SrSCA. These results suggest that the risk of SrSCA is low, and probably outweighed by the high benefit of exercise."

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